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Transracial Placement:
What Are You Willing to Do?

Parents who bring a child of a different race or culture into their family often forget the challenges the child must face. Consider the exercise below:

Child's Challenges

Are You Willing to:

Transplanted from his biological home and placed with your family–a new home, new family, new neighborhood, etc.

Visit your child's old neighborhood or extended relatives?

Move to a neighborhood that reflects the child's background?

Expected to make friends with the children of your friends.

Develop close, positive relationships with persons of your child's race or culture?

Expected to attend your place of worship.

Regularly attend a religious institution familiar to your child?

Join a religious institution with a diverse population?

Attend school, daycare, or a community center in your neighborhood.

Participate in activities at a community center in a neighborhood that reflects the child background?

Drive your child to a daycare center in the child's neighborhood?

Asked to eat food common to your culture.

Include your child in the choice and preparation of ethnic foods for your family?

Endure prejudiced comments from neighbors, classmates, and relatives.

Respond constructively when you hear prejudiced comments from colleagues, acquaintances, and loved ones?

Expected to fit in and be grateful for being adopted.

Incorporate the child's culture into your family?

Asked to take vacations with your immediate or extended family.

Plan trips to places that reflect the child's heritage, or are familiar to the child?


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