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Recognizing Prejudice

Consider the scenario below. Answer the questions on your own, then discuss them with others.

Eleven-year-old Ramon was adopted from Bolivia by the Cossanto family when he was only two. His adoptive father, Tony, is Italian American and part owner of a restaurant with his brother Ted. Although the business takes much of his time, he loves spending Sunday afternoons playing catch with Ramon and watching ball games on television. Ramon plays Little League baseball and is proud when his dad attends his games. Tony has the loudest cheering voice of all the other fathers—his nickname for Ramon is "Slugger."

At times, Ramon feels uncomfortable when his father and Uncle Ted get together to watch ball games. Often, they criticize certain players. "Why did the team release Wilson and draft Sanchez? Couldn’t they find an American 3rd baseman!" Ted remarks. "They’re lazy, everyone knows that!" Tony laughs. Although Ramon loves his father and uncle, he questions whether they feel the same way about him.

"I’m from South America," he thinks. "Am I lazy, too?"


  • What things did Tony do well with his family?

  • What things could he have done better?

  • Describe how you think Ramon feels when his father and uncle make negative, insensitive comments?

  • How should Ramon respond to his family, and what can he do to cope with the situation?

This exercise is included in NACAC's Transracial Training Curriculum. To order this or our other transracial parenting publications online using your credit card, go to our publications order form.

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