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Transracial/Transcultural Parenting

NACAC offers training and publications for people who are currently, or who are considering, parenting transracially. Designed for current or prospective transracial or transcultural foster and adoptive parents, this information helps parents think about the role of race in their children's lives and help build their children's sense of racial or cultural identity.

Below, we have links to several other articles and resources from other individuals and organizations that are designed for transracial parents:

Additional Resources

  • Struggle for Identity, a 20-minute video in which transracial adoptees and their families confront difficult issues of racism, identity, and sense of place in candid discussions about their lives — available from New York State Citizens' Coalition for Children

  • Inside Transracial Adoption, a book that provides guidance for parents who are experienced veterans or who are considering transracial adoption for the first time — Available from Pact, An Adoption Alliance
  • Transracial Adoption and Foster Care: Practice Issues for Professionals, this book book ask the question: How do we as professionals help children and families make transracial adoptions and foster placements work? — Available from Dr. Joseph Crumbley
  • Four-part video series: Special Needs of Minority Children Adopted Transracially; The Impact of Transracial Adoption on the Adopted Child and the Adoptive Family; Parenting Tasks in Transracial Adoptions; and Assessing a Family's Ability to Adopt Transracially — Available from Dr. Joseph Crumbley



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