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Model Post-Adoption Services

Post-adoption services must be available to families—including all members of the adoptive family and the birth parents—whenever they are needed. Each state and province should develop a system for ensuring that all families who adopt children with special needs—especially children adopted from the foster care system—have access to the services described below.

Services should be provided by people and organizations that are adoption-competent, and should include (but not be limited to) the following:

  • Information and referral from a single entry point (including a toll-free number answered 24 hours a day/7 days a week)
  • Support groups for adoptive parents, birth parents, and adoptees
  • Support for connections with birth parents and other birth family members and former foster families, whenever possible
  • Training on special needs and adoptive parenting
  • Educational and information services
  • Therapeutic counseling
  • Respite care
  • Full disclosure of all background information
  • Case management services
  • Advocacy and support for school-related problems
  • Adoption assistance payments (subsidy for children adopted from foster care)
  • Other financial assistance when needed
  • Crisis intervention
  • Mental health services, both in-home and residential

The sources for these services may include:

  • states, provinces, and territories
  • counties
  • placing agencies or professionals
  • parent support rups
  • resource and referral services
  • child advocates/ombudsmen
  • medical insurance companies/health care providers

If you're not sure where to go for services in your area, contact the NACAC volunteer in your state or province.

The following articles about a variety of model post-adoption services were published in Adoptalk, NACAC's quarterly newsletter. Simply click on the link below to read the article. To see additional sample articles, visit the Adoptalk section of this site. To become a NACAC member and receive a subscription to Adoptalk, visit the membership section.

The following list of post-adoptions programs was developed by the Child Welfare Information Gateway:

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates
(512) 442-8AKA

Adoption Resources of Wisconsin
(414) 475-1246

Center for Adoption Support and Education
Virginia:  (703) 425-3703 • Maryland: (301) 593 - 9200

Center for Family Connections – Massachusetts
(617) 547-0909 • Toll-Free (800) KIN-NECT

Kinship Center - California
Santa Ana (714) 979-2365 
Pasadena (626) 744-9814

New Jersey Adoption Resource Center
877.4ARCHNJ (877.427.2465)

Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center
(800) 764-8367 • (503) 241-0799

Together as Adoptive Parents
(215) 256-0669

North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC)
970 Raymond Avenue, Suite 106
St. Paul, MN 55114
phone: 651-644-3036
fax: 651-644-9848