Community Champions Network

With funding from Jockey International's Jockey Being Family initiative, NACAC offers an array of services to help leaders of adoption support organizations expand their support for adoptive families and their advocacy efforts led by adopted and foster youth. CCN services range from helping a team of parents start a support group in their local area, to assisting advocacy groups to create and support a network of foster and adopted youth advocates, to working with larger organizations or coalitions to implement a new state- or province-wide post-adoption service model.

CNN staff and consultants can offer technical assistance in youth development, parent group support, coalition building, implementation of peer-to-peer support, creating online support groups, and developing a website of local resources. Download an information flyer

If you are interested in more information, please contact Christina Romo at You can request technical assistance using Survey Monkey at

Click here to access numerous resources that will help CCN coalition members and others advocate for improved adoption supports.

Explore NACAC's Adoption Advocacy Toolbox

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View a webinar on rejuvenating parent group (download slides)

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JBF logo The Community Champions Network is supported by Jockey Being Family™, Jockey International’s corporate citizenship initiative to strengthen adoptive families for successful futures. Through Jockey Being Family, Jockey provides funding, employee volunteers and in-kind donations to its nonprofit partners to enhance their post-adoption services capabilities for families in Wisconsin and nationwide.

The Need

The needs of adopted children and their families do not end when the adoption is legally finalized. Many families, especially those who adopt older children from the foster care system, face extra challenges. Post-adoption services provide families with critical resources necessary to strengthen their bonds, stabilize their families, and continue to provide secure and loving permanent homes for their children.

These services are often provided through community-based organizations and can include parent support groups, respite care, education and training, lending libraries, mentoring and buddy systems, warm lines, plus mental health and other medical services. Due to a lack of awareness and limited funding at the state, provincial, and county levels, however, many adoptive families have no access to these services.  

The Goal

The ultimate goal of the Community Champions Network is to provide thousands of families with increased stability and preserved adoptions as a result of increased access to quality post-adoption services. The project will work toward this goal by empowering leaders to build community coalitions that work to create sustainable post-adoption services through a combination of grassroots organizing, public awareness campaigns, and advocacy efforts.

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