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Respite Care

A major concern and need for adoptive families is appropriate, safe respite care. Respite can be good for both parents and children, though often difficult to find. Creativity is helpful when trying to locate respite providers as it is with other areas of parenting. Some daily activities for children can provide limited respite for parents. If a longer break is needed, the ARCH National Respite Network has an online site at that provides fact sheets, a national locator service, and the respite care contact in your state. Fact sheet #33 provides good information on adoption related issues and can be helpful in educating an otherwise appropriate provider.

AdoptUSKids, a service of the Chidlren's Bureau, has published two excellent resources to help parent groups create and sustain respite programs:

If you have questions regarding accessing or establishing respite care in your community, contact NACAC at or 651-644-3036.


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