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Database of Parent Groups

NACAC's parent group database contains almost 900 adoption-related support groups from across the United States and Canada. You can search the database by state or province, or by the type of group or the group's activity. The search term field allows you to enter in any information you like: contact name, group name, city, activity, etc. Please note that the parent groups listed do not necessarily reflect NACAC's positions or policies.

If you are aware of a parent group that is not included in the database, please click here to send us information about the group. Also, please send an e-mail to if you discover incorrect information in the database listings.

(The list below includes dozens of groups from New York State. For the most up-to-date information about New York groups, you may also want to check with the New York State Citizens' Coalition for Children at

There are several ways you can search the database. First, you can enter any information you'd like (leader name, group name, city, topic, etc., in the Search by Term field). Please note that this field searches for similar words rather than exact matches so it may bring up entries that do not appear to meet your criteria.

You can perform more targeted searches by selecting a state or province, group type (adoptees, adoptive parents, etc.), populations served (single parents, foster parents, etc.), or group activities (newsletter, warm line, etc.) For many groups listed, NACAC does not have complete information on populations served or activities, so searching by these fields will produce fewer results.


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