NACAC frequently receives calls from adoptive parents about their adoption assistance payments. Usually these calls are about a payment that hasn’t been received, but sometimes they are asking about how payments can be made, especially via direct deposit. Below is the information we have for every state that has responded.


The date the check goes out varies by month. For families who receive a paper check, the check stub will notify them of the date of next month’s check. For those who receive direct deposit, they will receive an e-mail notification that the payment is posting to their account, and will also notify the parent of the date for next month’s payment.

For families who have problems with their payment, or wish to set up direct deposit, they should contact their Adoption Subsidy Specialist. If they don’t know who their specialist is, they need to contact the subsidy office they are assigned to to find out. Phoenix office is 602-771-6470 and Tucson is 520-885-8002.


Every county administers their own program. Families should contact the finance staff in the county that pays the adoption assistance if payment is not received. The schedules vary by county. All adoption assistance payments in Colorado are through direct deposit.


Usually the checks are to parents by the 10th of the month. Georgia has electronic payment through direct deposit or debit cards. For families that want to switch to electronic payments from paper payments, they can contact their county of residence to set that up. For families that are having problems with their payments they should contact Mr. Adrian Owens at 404-657-3558 or


Hawaii pays its checks 4 days prior to the end of the month. If the adoption subsidy check is late, the family should contact their adoption unit that processed the adoption subsidy. The adoption unit should be contacted if the family moves so that future checks can be sent to the correct address.


DHS staff must be approved by staff and they are able to do that by the first of the month. Usually checks are mailed out by the 5th of the month, and direct deposit payments are completed by the 9th of the month. Holidays and weekends can alter the specific date in a month. IFAPA maintains a list of approximate schedule.

If a family is having an issue with their payment or wish to set up direct deposit, they should contact their subsidy worker. If they are not sure who their subsidy worker is, they should contact their local DHS office or contact Tracey Parker at 515-281-8799 or


Adoption subsidy checks are processed the third Monday of each month, checks are issued that week and direct deposits will be deposited by the Friday.

If adoptive families are having problems with their payment, they should contact their Regional Billing Specialist which can be found here.

Kentucky only pays adoption subsidy through direct deposit or debit card. New families will receive a paper check and the option to choose between the two within the first 30 days of adoption subsidy beginning.

If you are having trouble reaching your Regional Billing Specialist, you can contact Lisa Wise-Hodnett at 502-564-3427 x3826.


Adoption subsidy checks are sent out bi-weekly. Families can receive their adoption subsidy payments via direct deposit.

Families who are having problems with their payment can contact Kristi Poole, Michelle O’Ryan, or Susan Harris at 207-624-7966.


Any questions regarding subsidy please email or Include your name, child’s name, case ID (if not applicable parent  SSI #) and phone number OR call 617-748-2443 and dial  extension 1 (for renewals), 2 (payment issue), 3 (Masshealth), 4 (Tuition and Fee waiver) or 5 (Spanish Speaking).


Maryland adoption subsidy checks are usually received by the 12th of month. If adoptive parents have questions or concerns regarding their payment they should contact the Maryland at 1-877-347-2729 for late payments of Maryland adoption subsidy. Families can receive their payment through check or direct deposit.


Contact your Caseload Analyst who are assigned by last name. 


Families can receive adoption/kinship assistance via direct deposit.  They can contact their specialist to set that up.  Payments are issued on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.  If the payment is late, you can check Benefits Information Portal web page,, to see if the payments are delayed due to a processing issue.  If it isn’t a system issue, you should contact your specialist.  

Adoption/Kinship Assistance Specialist based on parent’s last name.

Last Name Specialist Phone E-mail
A-B and
Sue Koch 651-431-4683
C-G Kristie Krumwiede 651-431-4719
H-Lev Tiffany Price 651-431-4732
Lew-Q Rebecca McNeil 651-431-4723
R-V Sia Vang 651-431-4724



Adoption subsidy is posted family’s EPPICard (Debit Card) on the 15th of each month. If a family hasn’t received their payment they should contact the staff based on the adoptive parent’s last name.

Families with the last name A-L
LaQuita Reed

Families with the last name M-Z
Carmelita (Connie) Sumrall


Adoption Assistance payments go out on the 4th working day of the month. If you have signed up for direct deposit, you should see it within 2-3 days depending upon the processing time for your banking institution. If you receive a paper check, you should receive it soon after, depending upon how long mail delivery takes. If you do not receive your payment, please contact:

Kyla Rock, Post Adoption Services Program Manager

If you would like to be enrolled in direct deposit, please visit this link and complete the form:

Once you have completed the form, please send it to:
HHS Fiscal W-9/Provider Assistance
PO Box 4210
Helena, MT 59604-4210

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Foster and Adoptive Parent Association has the schedule of dates available on this web page,

If you haven’t received payment or would like to set up direct deposit for you payment, contact:

Catherine Meister

New Mexico

New Mexico pays adoption assistance via direct deposit or debit cards. The Department of Finance Authority sets the schedule. If parent’s have issues with the payments or questions about the timing of the payment, they can call Jason Deherrera at 505-827-8413 or

North Dakota

Checks are mailed the first Thursday of the month, unless it is the 1st or 2nd day of the month in which case it will be mailed the 2nd Thursday (8th or 9th). Direct deposit will be posted to accounts the day after checks are mailed.

The state cannot begin the stop payment/reissues process until the check is more than 10 days late. To begin that process contact your county adoption subsidy worker or state office. To locate the number for your county office go to this web page:

State office:
Julie Hoffman

If families would like receive their subsidy payment via direct deposit contact your county adoption subsidy worker or the state office.


The payment day is the 15th of the month and not considered late until the 25th; although there may be some months the payments may be issued earlier than the 15th.

Every family has an assigned Post Adoption Services worker, these are the staff who you should contact if your payment is late. See this web page for the assigned worker and their supervisor,

Families can receive their assistance by way of direct deposit. They will set that up during the time of the adoption process – if they want it after the adoption has finalized and the parent decide on direct deposit they can call Conduent (XEROX) to assist them with setting up direct deposit. The number to Conduent (XEROX) is 888-401-9843.

The best thing for the parent to do is call their specific worker first; if they need to get another card issued to them, they can call the above number to Conduent (XEROX) and request to have another card issued to them.


Tennessee encourages adoptive families to receive their adoption assistance through direct deposit, paper checks are also an option. Adoption assistance payments are paid on the 15th of the month. For families that are having problems with their payment they can contact John Johnson at 615-253-6351 or


Texas does not have specific processing date. However, if payment has not been received by or after the 15th of the month, families should contact their Regional Adoption Assistance Specialist.

Families may receive their adoption assistance through direct deposit. The state office or Regional Adoption Assistance Specialist can set it up. It take 30-60 days in which time the adoptive family will continue to receive a paper check.

If families are not able to get a hold of their Specialist, they can contact Latasha Henry at 1-800-233-3405 option 3.


Checks are mailed or direct deposited on the Friday following the first Wednesday of the month. Families who are having problems with their payments should contact their Adoption Assistance work, which is on the original agreement and the annual letters. For families who do not who their worker is they can contact Marty Shannon at 801-538-4171 or


Contact your Adoption Support Consultants who are assigned by Region and last name of family.  

West Virginia

Adoption assistance payments are made on (or around) the 8th business day of the month and are a payment for the previous month. The state can pay adoption assistance through direct deposit. To set up direct deposit, or to report late payments, contact Alicia McIntire at (304) 647-7476 Ext: 76355 or

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