NACAC has a wealth of knowledge to share with foster and adoptive parents, adoption professionals, and parent support group leaders in the U.S. and Canada. Our staff present workshops at statewide and national conferences.

Our staff trainers have decades of experience helping foster and adoptive parents, as well as social work professionals, learn about adoption assistance/subsidies, how to start and sustain parent support groups, issues related to race and culture in foster and adoptive placements, how to avoid allegations, and much more. Most workshop sessions are 1.5 to 3 hours long, although a few of our trainings are all day or multi-day.

If you are interested in learning more about how NACAC training can help your staff or parent group members, please  contact the staff listed under the topic areas below.

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In addition to the following training available on request, NACAC sponsors the most comprehensive adoption conference in North America (for more information, see the conference section of this site). We also offer free and paid webinars.

Training Topics

Adoption Assistance/Subsidies

NACAC offers training for adoption professionals, adoptive parents, and prospective adopters on eligibility, benefits, and program operation related to adoption assistance. For more information on how you can arrange for an adoption assistance training in your community, email Josh Kroll at

Adoption Competency

NACAC has developed a curriculum for parents and caregivers support networks, social workers, and mental health professionals to enhance their ability to provide adoption-competent services. Read more about NACAC’s adoption competency training or email

Adoption Practice

The following NACAC workshops are designed to help child welfare professionals:

  • Adolescent Brain Development, Trauma Recovery, and Implications for Policy and Practice
  • Adoptive Family Preservation
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders from a Trauma Lens
  • Moving from Surviving to Thriving
  • Redefining Permanency Work with Older Youth
  • Self Care
  • Trauma-informed Parenting Strategies
  • Trying Differently Rather than Harder

If you’re interesting in learning more about these sessions, email Barb Clark at


For more information on the following workshops, email Barb Clark at

  • Setting up a Statewide Advocacy Coalition
  • Advocacy 101
  • Advocating for Your Child and All Children
  • Hosting a Kids and Judges Day
  • Successful Legislative Advocacy Strategies

Parent Groups

NACAC also offers more than 30 training topics related to parent group development, support, and revitalization. Trainings can be for parent group leaders or members of parents groups. Click on link above or email for more information.


NACAC offers training for adoptive and foster parents, including:

  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders from a Trauma Lens
  • Moving from Surviving to Thriving
  • Parenting for Best Outcomes
  • Self Care
  • Transracial Parenting — Read more about NACAC’s transracial training 
  • Trauma-informed Parenting Strategies
  • Trying Differently Rather than Harder

For more information on training for parents, email Barb Clark at

Youth Advocacy or Networking

NACAC can provide training to help you create or enhance your youth advocacy or support networks. We also offer sessions for young people about strategic sharing and advocacy. For more information about our training or support, contact

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The North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) supports, educates, inspires, and advocates so adoptive families thrive and every child in foster care has a permanent, safe, loving family.


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