NACAC is seeking presenters to help parents, professionals, and advocates gain skills and knowledge in adoption- and foster care-related topics at its 2022 virtual conference. NACAC encourages adoptive and foster parents, child welfare professionals, adoptees, birth parents, people who spent time in foster care, researchers, therapists, and other child advocates to submit workshop proposals for the conference. We ask presenters to submit no more than two proposals.



Presenters (up to 3 per session) who are NACAC members will have reduced registration fees, but donate their time and expenses as a contribution to waiting children and the adoption community.

Proposed presentations should address one of the topics listed below. Follow the format, provide a detailed outline, state what participants will gain from the presentation, and submit by October 15, 2021.

We will notify prospective presenters about final decisions in March 2022.

NACAC is not responsible for verifying the originality of submissions, and cannot be held liable for presenter copyright infringements or other ownership rights violations.

Presentation Information

Below is the format the online proposal submission form will follow (or click here to get a copy of the proposal form questions that can be used to draft your proposal):

  • Workshop title
  • Topic—See topic list below.
  • Level—Determine a level of intermediate or advanced—intermediate sessions have basic information on a subject area with practical applications; advanced sessions present up-to-date research or content for attendees who already have a strong basic understanding of the issue.
  • Presenter experience—Let us know about your experiences presenting to a large in person or virtual audience.
  • Description for registration brochure—Descriptions should be 25 to 75 words in length, and give conference attendees a sense of what to expect from the presentation. NACAC will edit descriptions for length, content, and clarity.
  • Content and agenda—Suggest your intended format (lecture, open discussion, panel presentation) and outline the material you plan to present as a brief agenda.
  • Learning objectives—What participants will be able to do after the presentation and how it will enhance their knowledge or practical skills.
  • Intended audience—List parents, professionals, adoptees or those who were in foster care, etc., and include prior knowledge needed, if any.
  • Bibliography—What current resources were used to develop the workshop or are recommended reading to enhance what participants learned in the workshop.

Choose the topic area of the presentation you are proposing:

1. Pre-placement issues — recruitment, training, preparation of children and prospective parents
2. Support needs after placement — post-adoption services, therapeutic techniques, responding to the impact of trauma and loss
3. Finding/supporting families for older children and teens
4. Race, culture, and diversity
5. Key issues in adoption and foster care


Lead Presenter

  • Name
  • Title, Affiliation, Address, Phone Number
  • Email
  • Experience/brief bio

Other Presenters

  • Name
  • Title, Affiliation, Address, Phone Number
  • Email
  • Experience/brief bio

Handouts and Recording Permission

We ask speakers to provide a handout to us about four weeks before the conference so we can upload the handout for attendees to access. We will provide attendees with a recording of the session accessible through September 30, 2022.


Submit proposals by October 15, 2021

Online submission form:

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