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Transracial Parenting
Training Available

NACAC offers a vareity of training sessions on how to present our Transracial Training Curriculum. The Curriculum can be used by agencies or parent groups to provide step-by-step training on important issues related to transracial or transcultural adoption or foster care. NACAC developed these materials to help parents make better decisions about their ability (present and potential) to raise a child of another race, culture, or ethnicity. The Curriculum is designed to help parents understand the implications of raising a child of a different background, and is intended to allow parents to decide what type of placement is right for their family. Participants will work through the Curriculum¹s topics of Motivations, Values, Family, Home, Community, Cultural Identity, and Racism.

Our goal is to give participants an opportunity to talk about transracial placements in a supportive and honest environment, and to help child welfare systems effectively educate parents while protecting the cultural needs of children.NACAC offers transracial training in three ways:

On-Site Workshops

Our staff and contract trainers can also conduct training about transracial parenting at your parent or professional conference. Sessions can be tailored to meet your needs, and can be scheduled to last from two hours to a full day.

Two-Day Train-the-Trainer Sessions

NACAC can partner with your agency or parent group to host a comprehensive, two-day transracial parenting training. To host a tranracial training in your area, you need to guarantee at least 40 participants at a cost of $150 per participant and arrange the training site and other logistical details. NACAC will publicize the training to attract additional participants (up to a total of 80), will supply trainers, training materials, and lunch and refreshments. Upon completing the training, participants will be able to conduct a similar training on transracial parenting in their home communities using NACAC's Training Curriculum.

If you would like to host a training event or arrange for a workshop, please contact NACAC at or 651-644-3036.


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