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NACAC has a wealth of knowledge to share with foster and adoptive parents, adoption professionals, and parent support group leaders in the U.S. and Canada. Our staff present workshops at statewide and national conferences, and in doing so, learn a lot about what's happening around the country firsthand from parents.

In addition to targeted training offered by our staff, NACAC sponsors the most comprehensive adoption conference in North America (for more information, see the conference section of this web site). We also offer webinars periodically throughout the year.

Our staff trainers have more than 50 combined years helping foster and adoptive parents, as well as social work professionals learn about adoption subsidies, how to start and sustain parent support groups, about issues related to race and culture in foster and adoptive placements, how to avoid allegations, and much much more. Most workshop sessions are 1.5 to 3 hours long, although a few of our trainings are day long.

In some cases, NACAC contracts with adoption professionals and veteran parent support group leaders to help with specialized topic areas.

If you are interested in learning more about NACAC training, please contact the staff members listed under the topic areas below.


Training Topics

Adoption Subsidies
For more information on adoption subsidy trainings, e-mail Josh Kroll at

For more information on the following workshops, e-mail Joe Kroll at

  • Setting up a Statewide Advocacy Coalition
  • Advocacy 101
  • Advocating for Your Child and All Children

For more information on training about preventing and surviving allegations of abuse, e-mail Diane Martin Hushman at

Parent Groups
For more information on the following workshops, e-mail Kim Stevens at

  • How to Start Parent Groups
  • How to Revitalize Your Group
  • Leadership Training for Support Group Leaders

NACAC offers more than 30 training topics related to parent group development, support, and revitilization.

For more information on the following workshops, e-mail Joe Kroll at

  • What's happening in Congress and How Parents Can Make a Difference
  • Adoption and Safe Families Act Overview

Transracial Parenting Skills
For more information on transracial training, click here or e-mail Joe Kroll at

NACAC developed the following transracial training tools:

  • a Training Curriculum for agencies and parent groups
  • a Self Awareness Tool for individual families considering transracial/transcultural parenting
  • a Parenting Resource Manual for transracial/transcultural foster and adoptive parents

Each of these tools is available for purchase.

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