Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders from a Trauma Lens Webinar

Many children coming into care were prenatally exposed to drugs and/or alcohol. We will explore risk factors for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, look at the connection between brain impairment and behaviors, including impact of trauma & discuss reframing and other strategies for professionals and parents to better support children who were prenatally exposed to substances… Read more

Categories: Disabilities & Challenges, Parenting, Training, Webinar

Parenting from the Trenches Webinar

See your kids in a whole new light! This webinar offers a toolbox of strategies for parenting children and teens. Topics include developing trust and attachment while helping children learn to manage their own behaviors, build self-esteem, and maintain sanity. The presenter will give special attention to the unique world of teens. Presented by Denise… Read more

Categories: Parenting, Parenting Strategies, Training, Webinar

Self-Care for Support Leaders and Caregivers Webinar

The responsibilities of caring for children and youth who have experienced trauma and loss, as well as those of the support leaders who serve these caregivers can take a huge toll. As the flight attendant will tell you, “you must put your own oxygen mask on before helping others.” In this webinar, we will address… Read more

Categories: Parent Group, Parenting, Training, Webinar, Well Being

NACAC Offers Free Webinars on Adoption Assistance

Adoption Assistance Benefits and Eligibility Thursday, November 29 at 2:00 pm central (noon pacific, 1:00 pm mountain, 3:00 pm eastern) Register to attend the adoption assistance webinar or receive the recording afterward Do you want to better understand adoption assistance benefits? In this session, you will learn the basics of adoption assistance for children adopted… Read more

Categories: Adoption Assistance, Training, Webinar

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