Hosting Virtual Support Groups Webinar

Since the pandemic began, so many of us have had to move our support for foster, adoptive, and kinship families online. Come learn strategies and tips for successfully hosting and facilitating support groups online. Although we all hope to be able to hold in-person support groups again soon, online groups will continue to be an… Read more

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Advocating for Adoption Assistance Webinar

Learn how to advocate for adoption assistance programs in your state or province. In these tight financial times, legislators sometimes seek to cut adoption assistance programs and advocates need to be ready to respond. Even if your adoption assistance program is not under threat, proactive advocacy can help maintain and even enhance these important benefits… Read more

Categories: Adoption Assistance, Advocacy, How to Advocate For Support, Training, Webinar

Parents As Changemakers: Effective Policy Advocacy Webinar

Do you have ideas that would strengthen foster care in your area? Not sure where to start to advocate for the changes you want? We can help! NACAC is working with CHAMPS (Children Need Amazing Parents) to help you make policy changes in your state. In this session, we will review the CHAMPS policy goals… Read more

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Adoption Tax Credit Webinar

Have questions about how to claim the adoption tax credit? NACAC’s adoption tax credit expert, Josh Kroll, presents a webinar on the federal adoption tax credit outlining the steps to file. The focus is on filing for the 2020 tax year, but also covers applying for the credit for adoptions as far back as 2017… Read more

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NACAC Offers Free Webinars on Adoption Assistance

Adoption Assistance Benefits and Eligibility Access recording Do you want to better understand adoption assistance benefits? In this session, you will learn the basics of adoption assistance for children adopted from foster care, including eligibility, benefits, taxes, and more. The workshop is designed for both prospective parents seeking to learn more about the support available… Read more

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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders from a Trauma Lens Webinar

Many children coming into care were prenatally exposed to drugs and/or alcohol. We will explore risk factors for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, look at the connection between brain impairment and behaviors, including impact of trauma & discuss reframing and other strategies for professionals and parents to better support children who were prenatally exposed to substances… Read more

Categories: Disabilities & Challenges, Parenting, Training, Webinar

Parenting from the Trenches Webinar

See your kids in a whole new light! This webinar offers a toolbox of strategies for parenting children and teens. Topics include developing trust and attachment while helping children learn to manage their own behaviors, build self-esteem, and maintain sanity. The presenter will give special attention to the unique world of teens. Presented by Denise… Read more

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Self-Care for Support Leaders and Caregivers Webinar

The responsibilities of caring for children and youth who have experienced trauma and loss, as well as those of the support leaders who serve these caregivers can take a huge toll. As the flight attendant will tell you, “you must put your own oxygen mask on before helping others.” In this webinar, we will address… Read more

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It’s Time to Take Better Care of Ourselves! (How to Handle Compassion Fatigue and Prevent Burnout) Webinar

This webinar is about YOU. Child advocates; kin, foster, and adoptive caregiver leaders; child welfare staff; and youth advocates—we all share the same characteristic. We are always taking care of other people, without always taking care of ourselves. Presented by Maris Blechner, internationally known motivational speaker and trainer, and co-founder of Family Focus Adoption Services. 2014… Read more

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Upcoming Trainings

Webinars Building Your Advocacy Toolkit This free, four-part series will give you tools and tips you need to make your advocacy more effective and help you reach your goals. Do you have ideas that could help improve the child welfare system where you live, but aren’t sure how you can really effect change? The North… Read more

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