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Behavioral Interventionist Program: Keeping Youth in Families and Out of Group Care

From the Winter 2017 issue of Adoptalk. Adoptalk is a benefit of NACAC membership. On a Friday morning in 2013, Lori and Randy went to visit their adopted daughter, Shawna (named has been changed), at her residential treatment center—one of many she’d been in during the last two years. Shawna had experienced extreme neglect in… Read more

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Behavioral Interventionist Model: Keeping Children with Extreme Challenges Home for Treatment Webinar

Learn about an innovative program currently operating in Missouri that has the potential to revolutionize mental health treatment for kids in the child welfare system who have suffered extreme trauma. Designed by an adoptive parent whose children were in residential care but not getting better, this program is based on her personal approach to “What I need… Read more

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Federal Funding for Post-Adoption Services Webinar

The Preventing Sex Trafficking & Strengthening Families Act, which became law in September 2014, provides financial opportunities for states to fund post-adoption services. The law reauthorized the Adoption Incentives Program at $43 million and will calculate increases in adoption by rate rather than number of adoptions. It also increases the incentive for adolescent adoptions and… Read more

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Effective Legislative Advocacy Strategies Webinar

Presenters share successful Florida advocacy efforts to pass the state’s “Normalcy Bill” to create a more supportive and normative growing up experience for children and youth in foster care. The law allows foster and kin caregivers to make prudent parental decisions about activities that their foster and kin children participate in, without having to seek… Read more

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Improving Messages in Kinship Care, Foster Care, and Adoption Webinar

This webinar is dedicated to improving public perception of kinship, foster, and adoptive caregivers and their children and youth. Too often, media portrayals of this population – whether in the news, TV or movies – are negative. We want to change the messaging around these issues and the language used. This webinar covers: a brief… Read more

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Be Heard: Youth and Parents As Advocates Webinar

Gain tools and understanding to become effective advocates, whether you are working on personal needs (case advocacy) or larger issues (class advocacy). Advocates need to develop consensus, value the principle of WII-FM (what’s in it for me), craft a coherent and achievable message, gather meaningful data, and develop an advocacy agenda that can succeed. Presenters… Read more

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Support for Minnesota Adoptive, Foster, Kinship Families

Adoptive Foster Kinship Connections In Minnesota, NACAC operates Adoptive Foster Kinship Connections, which provides a statewide network of support for adoptive, foster, and kinship care families that includes: Parent-to-Parent Support Experienced adoptive, foster, and kinship parents provide emotional support, information, resources, and referrals through phone, email, and chat. Youth Support NACAC’s Adoptive Foster Kinship Connections… Read more

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Post-Adoption Services Advocacy Toolkit

Visit the Post-Adoption Advocacy section of our website to learn how to advocate for post-adoption services so families in your community are able to remain committed and effective parents as they raise their children who have special needs… Read more

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Post-Adoption Services Advocacy Training

NACAC has held several online trainings, which are listed below, that can help advocates work to achieve post-adoption and other support services in their communities. And attending the NACAC conference is a great way to learn about post-adoption service models and advocacy strategies… Read more

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Sample Post-Adoption Programs

NACAC believes post-adoption services must be available to families—including all members of the adoptive family and the birth parents—whenever they are needed. Each state and province should develop a system for ensuring that all families who adopt—especially children adopted from the foster care system—have access to the continuum of services including those listed below: Information… Read more

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Talking Points about Post-Adoption Services

The following are key talking points that can help in your post-permanency support program advocacy efforts. If the point is based on research, we have included the citation below. If the talking point is in quotation marks, it is a direct quote from the cited source. Feel free to use these talking points or your… Read more

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How to Advocate for Support

In recent years, adoptions from foster care have increased significantly. Unfortunately, supportive services for families raising children with special needs have not kept pace. In some areas, post-permanency supports have even been cut or threatened with elimination. Part I of this page describes how advocates can respond to proposed reductions in services. Part II outlines… Read more

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Post-Adoption Advocacy

We at NACAC believe that all adoptive families should have access to a continuum of support to meet their needs after adoption. We encourage you to advocate for post-adoption services in your community. Adoptive families—especially those who adopt children from foster care—often need support. Many children in foster care, including those waiting for adoption, have… Read more

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Creating, Enhancing, and Expanding Programs for Children and Teens

Most foster, adoptive, and kinship groups first form to support parents but even groups whose sole purpose is to support parents have an underlying commitment to the family–parents and children. There are also many parent groups that offer some type of program or service for their members’ children, even if it is just providing child… Read more

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