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Healing from Food Insecurity: Beyond the Stash

Please do not reprint or reuse without permission. Contact Mary Boo to request permission. Originally published in Adoptalk 2020: issue 2 (updated from a 2013 article). Adoptalk is a benefit of NACAC membership. The information in this article is educational and not meant to replace careful evaluation and treatment by medical, nutritional, or mental health… Read more

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Healing from Food Insecurity: Beyond the Stash Webinar

In this webinar, Dr. Rowell explores how a child’s early experience with hunger or food insecurity can result in survival behaviors that continue in foster or adoptive families. These behaviors can include eating quickly, stealing or hiding food, getting upset if asked to share or slow down while eating, and more. The presentation helps parents… Read more

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Food and Nutrition

Because of their early life experiences or disabilities, many adopted children or children in foster care may have special nutritional needs or behavioral issues related to food. The resources below can help you as an adoptive or foster parent address these challenges successfully. Read NACAC Articles About Food and Nutrition: View NACAC Webinars About Food… Read more

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Annie Spratt

The GFCF Diet, FASD, and Adoption: Food for Thought

A few years after adopting three children with FASD from Russia, Diane Black and her husband were exhausted from supervising a hyperactive and destructive son, a son with autistic traits, and a daughter who was sweet but disconnected. Three years later, after removing casein and gluten from the children’s diet, Diane wrote about “the slowly… Read more

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