Finding Funding

Financial Management and Fundraising

This article is from NACAC’s Starting and Nurturing Adoptive Parent Groups: A Guide for Leaders. Download the guide A challenge common to most parent groups is that of finding and keeping a secure funding base. Parent groups that want to provide services and programs to their members and the broader community need money, and therefore… Read more

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Fundraising for Groups Webinar

This session is for individuals and agencies who need to raise the necessary funds for expansion and program development. The trainers will help you identify and access funding opportunities that fit your group, learn the components of writing a successful grant proposal, share templates of successful fundraising events, and help you to identify good funding sources. Presented… Read more

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Federal Funding for Post-Adoption Services Webinar

The Preventing Sex Trafficking & Strengthening Families Act, which became law in September 2014, provides financial opportunities for states to fund post-adoption services. The law reauthorized the Adoption Incentives Program at $43 million and will calculate increases in adoption by rate rather than number of adoptions. It also increases the incentive for adolescent adoptions and… Read more

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Accessing Funding for Specialized Youth Permanency Services Webinar

In the late 1990s child welfare leaders began to challenge the belief that attaining permanent families for preteens and teens was an impossible goal, and model specialized youth permanency services were developed across the country. Sadly many of the projects fell into disuse as initial funding sunset. In many cases, counties and states failed to… Read more

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Finding Funding for Your Parent Group

Parent groups need financial support to ensure they can grow and thrive. Whether your group is small and looking for its first seed funding or is large and looking to sustain or grow, fundraising is going to be an important part of what you do. The article and resources below are designed to help you… Read more

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Proposal Writing: Before, During, and After

Proposal writing is more than simply sitting down at your computer and constructing a readable, compelling statement about your goals and ideas. It is part of a complete fundraising process from planning the program to identifying funders, and from writing to editing and following up with grant makers. Before Gather relevant research, articles, letters, and… Read more

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Locating Grant Makers

Plan Your Program Before you begin your search for an organization that may be able to provide you with a grant, you need to be sure you are seeking funding for a program that is well thought out, necessary, and complements your other activities. You should spend considerable time with staff, board, volunteers, and clients… Read more

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Finding the money to do the things your group wants to do is a challenge every group leader faces. All groups need money to operate—whether you are just getting started or plan to hold a statewide conference—and as the group’s leader your efforts will be the most successful if group members work together to develop… Read more

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