Positive Youth Development and Youth Advocacy Webinar

This session is for individuals and agencies looking to expand their advocacy and public awareness efforts in partnership with true experts – the youth who have experienced foster care, kinship care, and/or adoption. Learn the basics of development, promotion and maintenance of public speaking team(s) of adopted/foster/kin youth. Engaging youth and young adults in such a “team”… Read more

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Resources on Youth Advocacy and Support

Please explore the articles below about how to start or improve youth advocacy or support networks. Use the sidebar links to learn about how we can help. NACAC Resources Articles Teaching Youth the Essential Qualities of a Leader Developing an Advocacy Plan Taking Care of Yourself Advocacy Tips Tips for Creating a Public Service Announcement… Read more

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The Importance of Youth Networks

By Kayla Van Dyke (this article originally appeared in Fostering Families Today) “Nothing about us without us!” This slogan has been used by many groups over the years to highlight the important role that stakeholder populations should have in informing the policies, procedures, and resources that affect them. Recently, these words can be heard as… Read more

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Starting a Youth Network

Choosing Your Purpose There are a variety of youth support and advocacy networks, although each group is different. Some options include: peer-to-peer mentoring traditional mentoring tutoring life-skills training advocacy support social Anyone who wants to start or enhance a youth network needs to decide what type of group is right for them and their community… Read more

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