Sample Post-Adoption Programs

National Quality Improvement Center Framework Aims to Support Families After Adoption is Finalized

From Adoptalk 2018, Issue 3; Adoptalk is a benefit of NACAC membership The National Quality Improvement Center for Support and Preservation (QIC-AG) is a five-year, federally funded project designed to promote permanence when reunification is no longer a goal and to improve adoption and guardianship preservation and support. The QIC-AG is built on the premise that child welfare agencies need… Read more

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Behavioral Interventionist Model: Keeping Children with Extreme Challenges Home for Treatment Webinar

Learn about an innovative program currently operating in Missouri that has the potential to revolutionize mental health treatment for kids in the child welfare system who have suffered extreme trauma. Designed by an adoptive parent whose children were in residential care but not getting better, this program is based on her personal approach to “What I need… Read more

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Effective Collaboration for System Improvement Webinar

The most effective advocacy efforts are those that bring together both disparate and like-minded advocates, who can speak with one voice. For Advocates for Families First, the ability to unite youth, kin caregivers, foster, and adoptive parents is essential to our success. For others, it may be the missing link to your efforts as well… Read more

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Sample Post-Adoption Programs

NACAC believes post-adoption services must be available to families—including all members of the adoptive family and the birth parents—whenever they are needed. Each state and province should develop a system for ensuring that all families who adopt—especially children adopted from the foster care system—have access to the continuum of services including those listed below: Information… Read more

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