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Statement and Resources from NACAC about Fighting Racism

Friday, June 5 As an organization based in Minnesota, we at NACAC have been reeling with anger and heartbreak since last week when George Floyd—an unarmed black man—was murdered by the police in our hometown, leading to uprisings here and around the world. Black lives matter, and we stand with those who are protesting racism… Read more

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Important Opportunity! Sign On to Open Letter To Congress from Foster and Kinship Families

We invite you to join NACAC in signing onto an Open Letter to Congress from foster/adoptive families and kinship caregivers. (Please note: We are NOT asking for individuals or individual families to sign on, but for local and state support groups and organizations.) As you probably know, NACAC is a partner to the CHAMPS campaign, a coalition-based… Read more

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Supreme Court to Hear Case That Puts Best Child Welfare Practices at Risk

On Monday, February 24, the US Supreme Court agreed to hear Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The case arises from the city’s requirement that its foster care licensing agencies not discriminate against same sex couples. Catholic Social Services sued the city, arguing that the nondiscrimination policy restricted its right to freedom of religion. (Read… Read more

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Advocating for Adoption Assistance Webinar

Learn how to advocate for adoption assistance programs in your state or province. In these tight financial times, legislators sometimes seek to cut adoption assistance programs and advocates need to be ready to respond. Even if your adoption assistance program is not under threat, proactive advocacy can help maintain and even enhance these important benefits… Read more

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Separation of Immigrant Families and Detention of Children

Philosophy Too many families who are immigrating to the US—particularly those from Central America—have been or are separated when they reach the US border. Some children and teens reach the border alone without parents. The US government has struggled with how to respond to immigrating families and unaccompanied children, and has recently caused significant harm… Read more

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Intercountry Adoptee Citizenship

Philosophy To date, at least 35 intercountry adoptees in the US have been deported to their country of birth because their adoptive parents did not complete the required naturalization and citizenship process for their child. In Canada, adoptees face similar circumstances and can be deported if their parents did not obtain citizenship for them. The… Read more

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Number of Adoptions Highest Ever; Foster Care Population Down

By Mary Boo In federal fiscal year 2018, according to the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS), more than 63,000 children and teens were adopted from foster care in the US—the highest number ever reported. At the end of the year (September 30, 2018), the number of children in care was 437,283, a… Read more

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Parents As Changemakers: Effective Policy Advocacy Webinar

Do you have ideas that would strengthen foster care in your area? Not sure where to start to advocate for the changes you want? We can help! NACAC is working with CHAMPS (Children Need Amazing Parents) to help you make policy changes in your state. In this session, we will review the CHAMPS policy goals… Read more

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Tax Policy to Encourage Permanence for Foster Children and Youth

Philosophy NACAC believes that federal, state, and provincial governments bear a responsibility to children and youth who leave foster care to join a permanent family. These children and youth often have lifelong special needs and disabilities that can create a financial burden on their families for years to come. Therefore, tax policy should focus on… Read more

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Best Interests of the Child or Youth

Philosophy NACAC’s position statements often refer to the best interests of a child or youth, so below we detail what we believe should be included in assessments of a child’s or youth’s best interests. NACAC acknowledges that such determinations are extremely challenging and that workers and judges often must balance competing best interests such as… Read more

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Gay and Lesbian Foster Care and Adoption

Philosophy   Children should not be denied a permanent family because of the sexual orientation of potential parents.   Practice and Policy Recommendations All prospective foster and adoptive parents, regardless of sexual orientation, should be given fair and equal consideration. NACAC opposes rules and legislation that restrict the consideration of current or prospective foster and… Read more

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Adoption/Guardianship Incentive Program

Philosophy NACAC recognizes the important role of national governments in providing policy leadership and financial support in encouraging permanent placements for children in foster care. The US adoption and guardianship incentive program has become an important source of funding for adoption and guardianship support services, and should be maintained and enhanced. Policy Recommendations NACAC supports… Read more

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Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Physical, Developmental, and Educational Needs of Foster and Adopted Children and Youth

Philosophy Research has demonstrated that abuse, neglect, in-utero exposure to drugs and alcohol, and multiple placements in foster care all have damaging effects on children and youth, and that special services are often required to ensure the healthy development of children and youth who have spent time in foster care. Children and youth in foster… Read more

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Data Collection

Philosophy NACAC believes that effective permanency planning for children and youth is best done if there are accurate accountability systems that track the number of children in foster care and other out of home placements, as well as systems that assess and track each child’s well-being and permanency outcomes. Practice Recommendations Agencies with responsibility for… Read more

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Educational Needs of Children in Foster Care and Adoption

Philosophy Children in foster care are more likely than children and youth who are not involved in child welfare to have been exposed to trauma, more likely to have changed schools, more likely to have moved from one home to another, and less likely to have access to comprehensive assessments. As a result of these… Read more

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Eliminating Categorical Restrictions in Foster Care and Adoption

Philosophy Children and youth should not be denied a loving family due to restrictions on particular types or categories of prospective foster or adoptive parents. Limitations that prevent classes of individuals or groups from becoming foster or adoptive parents hurt children and youth who are in need of loving families. Experience and research have shown… Read more

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Ethics in Adoption

Every child or youth, birth family member, and adoptive family has the right to ethical adoption practice focused on the best interests of the child or youth. All parties to the adoption have the right to honest and complete information about the adoption. All actions and payments by parties to the adoption must be legal… Read more

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Fees in Adoption

Philosophy Although there are legitimate costs in providing adoption services, financial issues should never be the deciding factor in matching a child or youth with adoptive parent(s). Rather, placement decisions must be based on each family’s ability to meet an individual child or youth’s needs, including his or her cultural needs. Unfortunately, adoption fees and… Read more

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Financing of Child Welfare Programs and Services

Philosophy NACAC recognizes the important role of national governments in providing policy leadership and financial support to child welfare programs. NACAC supports the creation of adequate and targeted federal funding streams for public child welfare programs that preserve safe and stable families, or when necessary find and support alternative permanent families for children and youth… Read more

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Implementation of the Hague Convention

Philosophy   NACAC supports a system of safeguards and cooperation to protect the best interests of children, birth parents and adoptive parents in intercountry adoption.   Policy Recommendation   NACAC supports ratification and implementation of the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption, which provides for high quality, accessible services, and expediency of process. NACAC supports the… Read more

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