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Seeking Young Adults for Leadership and Advocacy Training

Apply Now! NACAC will be hosting a three-day training to provide teams of three to five young adults (ages 18 to 25) who have experienced foster care, kinship care, or adoption—and their staff supporters—with the knowledge and skills necessary to start or enhance youth support and advocacy networks in their community, influence child welfare policy… Read more

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Advocating for Adoption Assistance Webinar

Learn how to advocate for adoption assistance programs in your state or province. In these tight financial times, legislators sometimes seek to cut adoption assistance programs and advocates need to be ready to respond. Even if your adoption assistance program is not under threat, proactive advocacy can help maintain and even enhance these important benefits… Read more

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National Quality Improvement Center Framework Aims to Support Families After Adoption is Finalized

From Adoptalk 2018, Issue 3; Adoptalk is a benefit of NACAC membership The National Quality Improvement Center for Support and Preservation (QIC-AG) is a five-year, federally funded project designed to promote permanence when reunification is no longer a goal and to improve adoption and guardianship preservation and support. The QIC-AG is built on the premise that child welfare agencies need… Read more

Categories: Achieving Permanency, Adoption Practice, Sample Post-Adoption Programs, Supporting Families

Campaign Seeks to Ensure Children Have Amazing Parents

In 2017, NACAC joined other organizations—including FosterClub, the Youth Law Center, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Children’s Village, and Christian Alliance for Orphans—in a national campaign to ensure bright futures for children in foster care by promoting the highest quality parenting. Called CHAMPS, the campaign builds on research that shows loving, supportive families—whether birth… Read more

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2016 Saw More Children in Foster Care and More Adopted

Just as it has for the last few years, the number of children and youth in the U.S. foster care system rose in federal fiscal year 2016. As of September 30, 2016, 437,465 children were in care—up from 427,444 in 2015 and 396,966 in 2012. The increase was expected given the continuing impact of the… Read more

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Proposal to Eliminate the Adoption Tax Credit Reversed!

November 9, 2017 Good news! The House Ways and Means Committee has reversed the proposed elimination of the adoption tax credit! Thank you for joining us to fight for the adoption tax credit and for vulnerable children and families. Below is the statement of the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group, of which NACAC is a… Read more

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NACAC Offers Free Webinar — Strategic Sharing: Using Personal Stories for Child Welfare Advocacy

Recorded on November 29, 2017: Strategic Sharing: Using Personal Stories for Child Welfare Advocacy Access the recorded webinar This webinar for young people who have experienced foster care and/or adoption, adoptive and foster parents, and leaders interested in child welfare advocacy teaches how personal stories can be powerful advocacy tools. This session addresses why personal… Read more

Categories: Advocacy, Sharing Personal Stories, Training

Strategic Sharing: Using Personal Stories for Child Welfare Advocacy

This webinar for young people who have experienced foster care and/or adoption, adoptive and foster parents, and leaders interested in child welfare advocacy teaches how personal stories can be powerful advocacy tools. This session addresses why personal stories can make a difference and best practices for telling or writing your own stories to achieve system… Read more

Categories: Advocacy, Sharing Personal Stories, Training, Youth Advocacy

Getting Your Message Heard: Taking Advantage of National Adoption Awareness Month

November offers a prime opportunity for adoptive parent groups, youth networks, and others to raise their community’s awareness of adoption- and foster care-related issues. Whether you are trying to raise awareness about how to help adoptive families, increase your pool of prospective adopters, or increase community support for post-adoption or other permanency services, we can… Read more

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Religious Freedom Laws Harm Children

By spring 2017, at least 10 anti-LGBT child welfare laws have been introduced in states across the US. These bills are designed to allow agencies to discriminate against LGBT parents and youth under the guise of religious freedom. So far, three bills have become law. South Dakota SB 149, signed in March, allows state-licensed and… Read more

Categories: Advocacy, LGBTQ

Let Your Members of Congress Know How Much the Adoption Tax Credit Matters to You!

As many of you know, the adoption tax credit (ATC) is vulnerable and may be eliminated as part of tax reform – and we need your help to save it! Join us as we work to keep pressure on Congress to save the credit that makes it possible for all families to adopt. Help us… Read more

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Behavioral Interventionist Model: Keeping Children with Extreme Challenges Home for Treatment Webinar

Learn about an innovative program currently operating in Missouri that has the potential to revolutionize mental health treatment for kids in the child welfare system who have suffered extreme trauma. Designed by an adoptive parent whose children were in residential care but not getting better, this program is based on her personal approach to “What I need… Read more

Categories: Adoption Practice, Disabilities & Challenges, Model Programs, Parenting, Post Adoption Services, Sample Post-Adoption Programs, Training

Positive Youth Development and Youth Advocacy Webinar

This session is for individuals and agencies looking to expand their advocacy and public awareness efforts in partnership with true experts – the youth who have experienced foster care, kinship care, and/or adoption. Learn the basics of development, promotion and maintenance of public speaking team(s) of adopted/foster/kin youth. Engaging youth and young adults in such a “team”… Read more

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Federal Funding for Post-Adoption Services Webinar

The Preventing Sex Trafficking & Strengthening Families Act, which became law in September 2014, provides financial opportunities for states to fund post-adoption services. The law reauthorized the Adoption Incentives Program at $43 million and will calculate increases in adoption by rate rather than number of adoptions. It also increases the incentive for adolescent adoptions and… Read more

Categories: Advocacy, Finding Funding, Post Adoption Services, Training

Prudent Parenting: Implementation of the Strengthening Families Act Normalcy Provisions Webinar

What child doesn’t want to play on a Little League team, go on a school field trip or sleep overnight with friends? What teen doesn’t dream of getting a driver’s license, earning money at a part time job and attending the prom? Many of us can remember how foundational these and similar experiences were in… Read more

Categories: Advocacy, Parenting, Parenting Strategies, Training, Youth

Improving Safety, Permanency, and Well-Being for LGBTQ Youth Webinar

This informative webinar is designed for anyone parenting or providing services for LGBTQ children and youth in foster care, adoption, or relative care. Included is an overview of what we know about: LGBTQ youth in out of home care the impact of family rejection their struggle for inclusion and safety when in care lack of… Read more

Categories: Achieving Permanency, Adoption Practice, Advocacy, LGBTQ, Older Youth Adoption, Training, Youth

Hidden in Plain Sight: Accessing Funding for Specialized Youth Permanency Services Webinar

In the late 1990s child welfare leaders began to challenge the belief that attaining permanent families for preteens and teens was an impossible goal, and model specialized youth permanency services were developed across the country. Sadly many of the projects fell into disuse as initial funding sunset. In many cases, counties and states failed to… Read more

Categories: Achieving Permanency, Advocacy, Finding Funding, Recruiting Families, Training

Effective Collaboration for System Improvement Webinar

The most effective advocacy efforts are those that bring together both disparate and like-minded advocates, who can speak with one voice. For Advocates for Families First, the ability to unite youth, kin caregivers, foster, and adoptive parents is essential to our success. For others, it may be the missing link to your efforts as well… Read more

Categories: Advocacy, Collaboration, Sample Post-Adoption Programs, Training

Effective Legislative Advocacy Strategies Webinar

Presenters share successful Florida advocacy efforts to pass the state’s “Normalcy Bill” to create a more supportive and normative growing up experience for children and youth in foster care. The law allows foster and kin caregivers to make prudent parental decisions about activities that their foster and kin children participate in, without having to seek… Read more

Categories: Advocacy, Post Adoption Services, Training, Youth, Youth Advocacy

Improving Messages in Kinship Care, Foster Care, and Adoption Webinar

This webinar is dedicated to improving public perception of kinship, foster, and adoptive caregivers and their children and youth. Too often, media portrayals of this population – whether in the news, TV or movies – are negative. We want to change the messaging around these issues and the language used. This webinar covers: a brief… Read more

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