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NACAC's Services

“Thank you, thank you, thank you....  When we wanted to add to our family again through adoption, I found myself looking on the internet for more sources and voila!!! NACAC was there to help.” — adoptive parent

Through advocacy, education, adoption support, and leadership development in the U.S. and Canada, NACAC helps to reform systems, alter viewpoints, and change lives. We offer the following services:


  • Support parent groups and other community leaders in their efforts to advocate for waiting children and adoptive families in their communities
  • Offer testimony at hearings and otherwise communicate with policy makers and others about the best way to achieve permanence for foster children and to support families who welcome these children into their lives
  • Identify programs and policies that will help foster children find permanent families
  • Analyze other issues related to foster care and adoption such as the difficulties families of color encounter in the child welfare system and the importance of family care

“The whole [conference] experience was empowering and helpful to me personally and professionally.”
— adoptive parent and professional


  • Host the most comprehensive adoption training conference in North America, with more than 100 accredited workshops for parents and professionals
  • Inform parents, professionals, and others about waiting children and other issues related to foster care and adoption through our quarterly newsletter Adoptalk and other publications
  • Conduct training sessions and workshops on adoption subsidy, child welfare reform, transracial adoption, and other issues related to foster care and special needs adoption

“If you don't get Adoptalk, you should. I read it cover-to-cover every quarter and learn more about adoption from it than any other source as a professional and parent.” — adoptive parent and professional

Parent Leadership Capacity Building

  • Offer leadership training to adoptive, foster, and kinship parents to help create and enhance support groups for families in their communities
  • Provide support and resources to these support group to enable them to provide the best possible support and services to children and families


Adoption Support

  • Provide phone consultation and materials to address parents' questions about adoption subsidies for children with special needs

"I can not begin to express how helpful NACAC has been to my family. Guidance ... and resources from your agency have made all the difference in my daughter getting access to care, academic support and counseling services she needs and will need for years to come.."  — adoptive parent

For more information about NACAC's services during the past year, download a PDF of our 2013 annual report.

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