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We Promote Families for all Children in Foster Care!

Through advocacy, adoption support, leadership development, and education the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) works to ensure all children in foster care have permanent, loving families and adoptive families have the support they need.


NACAC advocates for policies and practices that improve children’s chances of having a permanent, loving family, and that adoptive families have the support they need to help children heal from their past experiences.

NACAC is a resource to inform and inspire policymakers working to improve outcomes for children and families. We also ensure that the voices of those most affected by policies and practices—the youth and parents touched by the system—are seen and heard during child welfare reform.

“When I spent time in Washington, D.C. to advocate for the needs of our children, it was NACAC staff that taught effective advocacy skills, how to speak with our legislators, and how to fight for post-adoption support services.” 
–Julie, adoptive parent and trained parent advocate

Adoption Support

NACAC provides information and resources to prospective adopters and adoptive parents. Through our general adoption support and the Adoption Assistance/Subsidy Resource Center, parents can learn about:

In Minnesota, NACAC operates the Adoptive Foster Kinship Connections (AFKC), the state’s only peer-to-peer support network for adoptive, foster, and kinship families. Staff members who are experienced adoptive and foster parents provide information, emotional support, and referrals to community resources. We also offer in-person and online support groups for families across the state. These services help parents understand and address their children’s challenges, and improve family functioning.

NACAC is also a partner in AdoptUSKids, a federally funded collaboration to help states, territories, and tribes recruit and retain families for children. NACAC’s role in the partnership is to raise awareness about the need for support services for foster, adoptive, and kinship care families.

“NACAC saved my life and the boys’ lives. They gave support and still do through the most difficult times. No one can parent without the help of others.” 
–Dinah, adoptive parent and ASN participant

Leadership Development

By providing training, individual leadership development, training, and information, NACAC empowers parent and youth leaders to create, develop, and enhance advocacy and support networks. We support hundreds of adoptive, foster, and kinship support groups across North America. With the support of NACAC’s Community Champions Network (CCN) program, these groups:

  • Advocate for increased funding for post-adoption services
  • Implement new programs to support families
  • Enhance support services to help families meet their children’s needs
  • Change policies and practices to better serve children, youth, and families

“My co-workers and I participated in a NACAC support group leadership training that gave us the knowledge and direction to develop a support program for families. We are excited that we will soon have local, peer support groups for all foster, adoptive, and kinship families throughout Virginia.”
–Jennifer, adoptive parent and support group leader

“As a result of the training, I am better able to spread the word, and be more bold with my advocacy.”
–Youth advocate and CCN training participant

Education and Information

NACAC shares current child welfare information and post-adoption best practices through publications, our website, social media, webinars, and educational events. Each year, NACAC hosts the most comprehensive adoption conference in North America.

We also provide information and training on adoption topics for parent group members, parents, young people who were adopted or in care, and child welfare professionals. As part of a federally funded collaboration called Critical Ongoing Resource Family Education or CORE Teen, NACAC is currently working with Spaulding for Children and other partners to help improve the training offered to foster and adoptive parents of children who are older and have more needs. We are also working with Spaulding and other partners to create new training for prospective foster and adoptive parents through the National Training and Development Curriculum.

“We learned SO much and feel renewed in our adoption journey. Can’t wait to go home and strengthen our relationships with our children.”
–Adoptive parent and national conference attendee

Together we can provide the resources and support necessary to meet the needs of children and the families who adopt them.

Will you join us in making sure that every child has a permanent, loving, and supported family?



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The North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) supports, educates, inspires, and advocates so adoptive families thrive and every child in foster care has a permanent, safe, loving family.


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