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The Personal is Political: Racial Identity and Racial Justice in Transracial Adoption

…in these communities. Transracial adoptees are the ultimate experts in what it’s like to be a transracial adoptee, and like any other group, there is a diverse community of transracial

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Transracial Resources

…For Transracial and Transethnic Adoptees John Raible Online: Supporting the Transracial Adoption Community Through Education and Research A Birth Project: Transracial Adoption from One Black Girl’s Perspective My Mind on…

Categories: Parenting, Transracial, Youth

Transracial Parenting

…The Personal is Political: Racial Identity and Racial Justice in Transracial Adoption Transracial Resources Transracial Adoption: Love Is Just the Beginning Seven Tasks for Parents: Developing Positive Racial Identity Adoption…

Categories: Parenting, Transracial
mother and son

Transracial Adoption: Love Is Just the Beginning

…easy. As transracial adoptive parents, however, it has been much more difficult to develop strategies for dealing with individual and institutional racism. In our experience, the best lessons we can…

Categories: Parenting, Transracial

Positive Identity Formation and Community Connectedness for Children and Youth in Transracial Placements Webinar

…gain new understandings and strategies for supporting young people in transracial placements. Presenters: Mercedes Zahler, NACAC staff, and Kim Stevens, NACAC staff Webinar Slides Transracial Adoption Resource List  …

Categories: Identity, Parenting, Training, Transracial, Well Being, Youth

Transracial Parenting Training

…Our goal is to give participants an opportunity to talk about transracial placements in a supportive and honest environment, and to help child welfare systems effectively educate parents while protecting…

Categories: Parenting, Training, Transracial

Seven Tasks for Parents: Developing Positive Racial Identity

…were in transracial adoption. The realities of children living in transracial families raise many questions: How does a child develop a positive racial or cultural identity? What are the affects…

Categories: Parenting, Transracial

Developing Group Identity and Activities

…are we here?—to strengthen transracial families What do we believe?—families are the foundation of the community What do we do?—provide a network of support to transracially adopted children, their siblings,…

Categories: Parent Group, Start a Group

Race/Ethnic Background and Child Welfare

…consideration in deciding whether transracial placements are in their best interest. If a transracial placement occurs, agencies should be required to provide additional support to preserve children’s racial and cultural…

Categories: Advocacy, Positions

In My Skin

By Justice Stevens Justice Stevens was adopted transracially with his sister. He shares his thoughts below about how the transracial placement affected him and what his parents did—and do—that help….

Categories: Parenting, Transracial, Youth, Youth Stories

Statement and Resources from NACAC about Fighting Racism

…is Political: Racial Identity and Racial Justice in Transracial Adoption Transracial Adoption: Love Is Just the Beginning Seven Tasks for Parents: Developing Positive Racial Identity History of Racism and Civil…

Categories: Advocacy, NACAC Update, Parenting, Suggested Reading, Transracial

Find a Parent Group

At NACAC, we believe some of the best support an adoptive, foster, or kinship care parent can receive is from another parent. We provide support and resources to parent and…

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Recorded Trainings

…for Children and Youth in Transracial Placements Webinar Helping Children Manage Feelings and Behaviors Webinar Parenting the Hurt Child Webinar The Teen Years: Brain Development, Impact of Trauma on Growth,…

Categories: Training
Mom and daughter

Developing the Characteristics of Successful Foster or Adoptive Parents

…race and ethnicity —Parents who are considering a transracial placement need to learn about the racial and cultural background of the children they wish to foster or adopt. Knowledge and…

Categories: Considering Adoption

Training by Request

…Moving from Surviving to Thriving Parenting for Best Outcomes Self Care Transracial Parenting — Read more about NACAC’s transracial training Trauma-informed Parenting Strategies Trying Differently Rather than Harder For more…

Categories: Training

Parent Group Development Training

…increase their aggression and give “hands-on” tips for de-escalating and working positively with our kids. Transracial Parenting — NACAC will present to current or prospective adoptive parents about key issues…

Categories: Parent Group, Parent Group Development, Training

Being Anti-Racist: A Critical Way to Support Children of Color in Foster Care and Adoption

…and that will affect children all their lives. Transracial parents, service providers, educators, and others must lean into their personal discomfort and learn to have conversations about race and institutional…

Categories: Adoption Practice, Parenting, Supporting Families, Supporting Youth, Transracial
Young girl standing outside and thinking

Ambiguous Loss Haunts Foster and Adopted Children

…Connections, transracial families cannot hide. The anonymity of being in a regular family vanishes when the “conspicuous family” goes on any public outing. School can be another source of unsettling…

Categories: Grief & Loss, Parenting

Support for Minnesota Adoptive, Foster, Kinship Families

…Fletcher at 507-380-4916 or For support related to transracial parenting in Minnesota, contact Deb Reisner at 612-443-1762 or For more information about other permanency support services available in…

Categories: Post Adoption Services

Board of Directors

transracial and inter-country adoptions, positive ethnic identity formation, and racial disproportionality and disparities. She also co-directs an annual Chinese culture camp for children adopted from China and their siblings. JaeRan…

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