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Find a Parent Group

At NACAC, we believe some of the best support an adoptive, foster, or kinship care parent can receive is from another parent. We provide support and resources to parent and…

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Supporting Adoptive Families through Facebook Groups

Download a more detailed fact sheet about Facebook support groups. NACAC’s Community Cham­pions Network is also available to help you create online support for adoptive parents. For more information, email…

Categories: Adoption Practice, Supporting Families

The Value of Adoption Groups: Supporting Parents, Supporting Kids, Supporting Families

…from home. Mutual support is therapeutic—but not therapy—and often is the very factor that keeps a family together and averts disrupted adoption. How Do Support Groups Form? Groups can form…

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Parent Group Development

…becoming an advocacy group. Frustration Venting » Mutual Support » Service » Advocacy Other groups don’t move in a linear way. Some groups may remain a mutual support group for…

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Leveraging Technology to Support Adoptive Parents: Adoption Support for Kentucky’s Virtual Interaction Pilot Program

…was piloted at two sites in Kentucky. Two seasoned adoptive parents with previous experience facilitating support groups for foster and adoptive parents were recruited to facilitate each of the groups

Categories: Group Activities & Programs, Improve Your Group, Parent Group

Creating, Enhancing, and Expanding Programs for Children and Teens

Most foster, adoptive, and kinship groups first form to support parents but even groups whose sole purpose is to support parents have an underlying commitment to the family–parents and children….

Mom and her daughter with a book.

Rejuvenating Your Group

…and locations of the group’s members. Offering help, hope, wholeness, and support, the group translated the goals of a traditional face-to-face parent group to cyberspace. The group’s motto, “support is…

Categories: Improve Your Group, Parent Group

How to Advocate for Support

…state/provincial, or local foster/adoptive parent associations, child advocacy organizations, adoptive or foster parent support groups, school or community groups, faith-based organizations, state/provincial or local kinship or grandparent groups, children’s mental…

Categories: Advocacy, How to Advocate For Support, Post Adoption Services

Financial Management and Fundraising

This article is from NACAC’s Starting and Nurturing Adoptive Parent Groups: A Guide for Leaders. Download the guide A challenge common to most parent groups is that of finding and…

Categories: Finding Funding, Parent Group

Support for Minnesota Adoptive, Foster, Kinship Families

…adopted or in foster or kinship care. Online Support NACAC hosts multiple private Facebook support groups that allow parents to share concerns and successes and offer support and advice to…

Categories: Post Adoption Services
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groups and organizations that support children. When you ask for support, don’t give up if no is the first answer. Tell them what other community members are donating to your…

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What We Do

…youth leaders to create, develop, and enhance advocacy and support networks. We support hundreds of adoptive, foster, and kinship support groups across North America. With the support of NACAC’s Community…

Categories: About NACAC

Developing Group Identity and Activities

…exercise using the Louisville Family Support Group from earlier. The group’s mission statement is: Louisville Family Support Group believes strong families are the foundation of the community and is committed…

Categories: Parent Group, Start a Group
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Adoption and the Schools

…throughout the year. Parent Groups Making an Impact on Schools Parent groups all across North America are making an impact on how schools treat the subjects of adoption, foster care,…

Categories: Group Activities & Programs, Parent Group, Parenting, Schools & Education

Support for Youth Aging Out of Care

support and financial assistance, educational support (including both high school completion, post-secondary education, and vocational education), access to physical and mental health care, and employment training and support. Ensure that…

Categories: Advocacy, Positions

Talking Points about Post-Adoption Services

…of every opportunity to become useful, productive citizens.”[17] In many surveys, adoptive parents have typically noted the following as the most important services: Support services including support groups and informal…

Categories: Advocacy, How to Advocate For Support, Post Adoption Services
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Support During Disruption Is Crucial

…a dangerous, destructive environment are unacceptable. Adoptive family support groups have an important role to play. Support groups should offer all the help they can to families who experience a…

Categories: Adoption Practice, Supporting Families

Parent Group Development Training

…Leadership Training — Instruction will focus on the leader’s role in pulling groups together, maintaining groups, developing group activities, defining a group’s focus, periodically revitalizing existing groups, and maximizing the…

Categories: Parent Group, Parent Group Development, Training

Adoption Disruption and Dissolution

…preparation and support in future adoptive placements provide information to families about parent support groups recognize the impact that disruption/dissolution has on agency staff and provide supervision and support to…

Categories: Advocacy, Positions
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Issues in Child Support Enforcement: When Adopted Children Return to the Foster Care System or Enter Residential Treatment

…to the agency’s office of child support enforcement. The decision by state child support enforcement units of whether or not to pursue child support payments from adoptive families has caused…

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