We invite you to join NACAC in signing onto an Open Letter to Congress from foster/adoptive families and kinship caregivers. (Please note: We are NOT asking for individuals or individual families to sign on, but for local and state support groups and organizations.)

As you probably know, NACAC is a partner to the CHAMPS campaign, a coalition-based project that educates and advocates for improved policies and support for foster parenting in states and nationally.  In recent weeks, NACAC has collaborated with CHAMPS in the development of the letter.

As you well know, many families are facing significant challenges as a result of the COVID pandemic.  With this letter, we hope to heighten awareness in Congress about the unique needs of foster, adoptive, and kinship families so that decision makers can make informed decisions should there be further legislation aimed at addressing the impacts of the pandemic. 

The letter is not an act of lobbying. The CHAMPS campaign is restricted from lobbying as a condition of its grants, so the letter is descriptive of families’ needs but stops short of making specific recommendations.  It’s an opportunity to educate policymakers about families’ needs.  

Next steps if you’d like to add your organization as a signatory:

  • CHAMPS plans to submit the letter to Congress in early May in conjunction with the start of National Foster Care Month, so if you’d like to add your organization to the list, please respond to Hope Cooper or Lynn Tiede by end of day Friday, May 1 (contact information below).
  • Please provide: 1) the full name of your organization, 2) the state your organization is based in, and 3) contact information for the person to reach with questions or follow up. 

Please feel free to circulate the letter to other parent networks in your state to invite them to sign on as well. CHAMPS is seeking signatories mainly from state and local organizations, so no need to forward to colleagues in national organizations. There is a separate process for engaging national organizations on this letter. 

With any questions about the letter, please contact Lynn at lynn@fosteringchamps.org or Hope at hope@fosteringchamps.org (or by phone 202-487-7498)

Thank you on behalf of NACAC and CHAMPS.



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