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Encouraging positive change means taking the time to honor those that fight to overcome obstacles and support communities in need. To focus attention on the crucial need for strong post-adoption support services and advocates for children in foster care, Voice for Adoption (VFA) — a nonprofit organization that works to create policy for the safety and well-being of children in foster care — is honoring states, counties, organizations, tribal welfare agencies, and individual dedicated to helping foster and adoptive parents and children in care. 

VFA is now accepting applications for two annual National Adoption Awards to be presented at their National Adoption Month Briefing and Adoptive Family Portrait Project in November: 

  • The Drenda Lakin Memorial Award for Continuing Service to Adoptive Families honors a state, nonprofit organization, or individual whose programs provide valuable post-adoption support. 
  • The Breaking Barriers Adoption Award is given to a state, county, tribal welfare agency, or dedicated individual that has made diligent efforts in overcoming barriers such as age, geographic, and/or special needs to find permanent families for children waiting to be adopted. 

If you know of an organization, state, county, tribal welfare agency, or individual deserving of one or both of these honors, click here to fill out a nomination. Nominations require a one to two page summary letter and are due by September 10, 2018. 



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