November 3, 2017

We at NACAC are deeply concerned by the proposed elimination of the adoption tax credit within the House Republicans’ tax reform package. Billed as a framework to help American families, it does exactly the opposite by cutting a credit designed to help ensure more children have families. If the proposal passes, it will be harder and more expensive for Americans to adopt children who need families. NACAC and other members of the the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group—a coalition of adoption and family-building advocates, attorneys, nonprofits, and religious organizations—will do everything we can to fight this proposal. There is too much at stake for children and American families.

Read a Washington Post article about the proposed cut

NACAC continues to advocate to save the credit and to have it made refundable.

We need your help!

If you live in the US, please urge your Senators and Representative to protect the adoption tax credit!

Use the Save the Adoption Tax Credit website to quickly and easily send a message to your members of Congress. Be sure to include your name, full address, and email address so that your members of Congress know you are their constituent. There’s also information on the site about scheduling a meeting with your members of Congress.

Please take action today!



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