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CCN Resources

The following resources are designed to help Community Champions Network (CCN) and others advocate for improvements in adoption policy and practice in their communities.

Read an article that includes preliminary results of NACAC's 2010-11 post-adoption needs survey here.

Advocacy Resources


Donaldson Adoption Institute

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Community Assessment Tools

The following materials (in Word and Excel) are designed to help those who are creating or enhancing post-adoption services in their communities:

  • Release — It is a common experience for post-adoption resource centers and providers to report difficulty in contacting adoptive families for the purposes of publicizing their services. In this age of HIPPA and heightened concerns about confidentiality, agencies are reluctant to share contact information or send out announcements on behalf of providers and programs. The state of Wisconsin has created a release form for adoptive parents to sign upon legalization so that they can be informed of programs and services that may be of help in parenting their growing family in future days. This template can be adapted for your region to use. Our thanks to the Wisconsin CCN site.

    Surveys — When creating post-adoption services and programs, it is essential to have families and youth inform our efforts. These three surveys (parent, youth, and professional versions) have been used in Rhode Island to assess community needs very successfully. Thanks to the Los Angeles County Post Adoption Unit of DCYF.

CCN Newsletters

Our newsletters offer reports about the project and each site's goals and progress.

Kids and Judges Day

The following documents (in Word) are designed to help advocates who would like to host a Kids and Judges Day in their community. These events are designed to educate judges and court personnel about children's and youth's needs, and to ease children's and youth's fears about the court process. We encourage you to use these documents to host your own Kids and Judges Day!

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