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We hope you have found the information in this guide to be helpful to you as a parent group leader. While the job of a parent group leader has numerous rewards, there are also hurdles and challenges along the way. When you feel caught up in a problem or can't see your way past a crisis, remember to return to your sources of support. Talk to other groups in your community, look for sources on the Internet, return to chapters in the guide, or contact NACAC to find solutions and renew your energy.

There isn't a leader who hasn't been discouraged, made mistakes, or wondered what to do next. Whether you know it or not, you are linked with other parent group leaders across North America whose dedication, hard work, and persistence make all the difference in the world to individual children, families, and communities. The passion and commitment from parent leaders has changed public policy and legislation and made a difference in the lives of many people. Follow your passion, ask for help when you need it, and never lose your vision. Even as society changes, the simple truth that children need a family and families need support will never change.


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