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Conference for Youth
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Information about the 2015 Conference for Youth will be posted in early 2015. Below are some details about the 2014 two-day Conference for Youth that included workshops and educational activities for youth interested in developing leadership skills and learning how to become advocates for themselves and other youth who need families. The Conference for Youth is open to youth ages 18 to 25 who are or were in foster care or who were adopted.

Information below pertains to the 2014 Conference for Youth!


Workshops will include:

  • Youth Networks—In this interactive session, participants will learn tips and techniques to help build a strong youth peer support group. Participants will explore different team building activities to develop trust and rapport within a group framework.
  • Becoming a Youth Advocate—Learn the basics of becoming a member of public speaking teams of adopted and foster youth.
  • Creating Messages and Using Your “Voice”—Not all speaking out is talking in front of a crowd. Throughout the day, we will work on digital stories, artwork, poetry, postcards, and more to tell your stories. You are the experts on foster care and adoption and your stories help improve the system for everyone.
  • Leadership and Advocacy Experiences
    —This session will get the youth started by focusing on getting a seat at the table. Youth will identify tables they want to sit at and then identify goals to getting the invite, obstacles to be aware of, and supports needed to achieve their goals.
  • Facebook and Social Media—Youth will learn the importance of having a support network around the country. By using social media that youth are familiar with, they can stay connected to each other and stay informed about new issues that youth in other areas are addressing.
  • Identifying Partnerships—Youth will learn how to approach parent organizations in a way that shows the wisdom they bring to the table.

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Conference for Youth


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