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  • In the Winter 2009 issue of the U.C. Davis Journal of Juvenile Law & Policy, Mary Eschelbach Hansen and Josh Gupta-Kagan make a strong case for extending adoption and guardianship assistance beyond age 18. Their research suggests that such a policy change would increase permanency and save funds. To download article, click here, then select
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  • In May 2008, NACAC released a new report, The Value of Adoption Subsidies: Helping Children Find Permanent Families, which outlines: (1) how subsidies help children find and stay in permanent families, (2) how subsidies enable families to adopt; how investing in supported adoption helps public agencies; and (4) reforms that are needed to expand adoption subsidies and better serve vulernable children.
  • The last 2007 Information Memorandum from the Children’s Bureau, issued November 13, 2007, reminds states about federal Title IV-E adoption assistance program requirements. It also includes a Title IV-E Adoption Assistance State Self-Assessment Tool and a flow chart to help workers determine whether a child is eligible for federal assistance.

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AFCARS Adoption Data Research Briefs

The following AFCARS Adoption Data Research Briefs were written by Mary Eschelbach Hansen, Ph.D. Mary Hansen is a faculty member in the Department of Economics at American University and a Research Fellow at the Center for Adoption Research of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

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