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Adoption Assistance in Canada

The provision of adoption assistance may be available for children adopted with special needs.  Often, assistance is provided to encourage the adoption of children who require more services or care as a result of the abuse or neglect they faced while in out-of-home care.  And, assistance may help remove the financial disincentives to adoption for adoptive families.   Children may be eligible to receive one-time, time-limited, or on-going financial assistance, as well as various social services.

However, funding is not provided at the national level in Canada and therefore not every province maintains a program.

The information contained in NACAC’s adoption assistance profiles is verified by provincial and territorial adoption coordinators for accuracy.  However, there may be times when a provincial program is in flux and the information in the profile is out of date.  If you have questions about specific policies or regulations, please contact the provincial contact person listed at the top of each profile.



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