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“If you don't get Adoptalk, you should. I read it cover-to-cover every quarter and learn more about adoption from it than any other source as a professional and parent.” — adoptive parent and professional

The news items and articles below were published in Adoptalk, NACAC's quarterly newsletter. The newsletter, a benefit of NACAC membership, contains articles and stories on a variety of issues related to adoption and foster care. Each issue contains information on policy issues, post-adoption support, recruitment of adoptive families, parenting, and much more. To receive an Adoptalk subscription, you must become a member of NACAC. To receive the newsletter by e-mail, contact Mary Boo.

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You are welcome to reprint, copy, or otherwise distribute the articles below. When reprinting, please attribute the source as follows: "From Adoptalk, published by the North American Council on Adoptable Children, 970 Raymond Avenue, Suite 106, St. Paul, MN 55114; 651-644-3036;"

Because some of these articles are several years old, contact information for authors or other resources may be out of date. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Helping Children Recover from Grief: Support is Essential — Winter 2014

Helping Children Connect with their Birth Parents — Fall 2013

The Science of Parent-Child Relationships: Parental Openness Can Help Children Learn to Trust — Winter 2013

Healing from Food Insecurity: Beyond the Stash—Winter 2013

The GFCF Diet, FASD, and Adoption: Food for Thought—Fall 2011

Supporting Maltreated Children: Countering the Effects of Neglect and Abuse — Summer 2011

Retrace Developmental Stages to Help Older Children Heal — Fall 2009

When Adopted Youth Turn 18 — Summer 2009

Ambiguous Loss Haunts Foster and Adopted Children
Winter 2009

2nd Generation Adoptive Parenting — Summer 2008

Adoption & Sibling Relationships: What Children Have Taught Me — Spring 2008

Transracial Adoption: Love Is Just the Beginning
Summer 2007

Facilitated Openness Can Benefit Children Adopted from Care — Spring 2007

Child Welfare's Next Challenge: Parenting Meth's Young Victims — Fall 2006

Self-Care: Barriers and Basics for Foster/Adoptive Parents
Fall 2005

Inducement: Adoption Language We Must Understand
Fall 2004

Advice for Adoptive Parents — Summer 2004

Talking to Children about Adoption Assistance — Summer 2004

FASD: Advocacy Advice from the Experts — Spring 2004

Homecoming — Fall 2003

Plan, Prepare, and Support to Prevent Disruptions — Fall 2003

Disruption Support Is Crucial — Summer 2003

Talking with Your Adopted Teen: It's Possible and Important — Summer 2003

Staying Connected: How Foster Parents Can Help Smooth Adoption Transitions — Summer 2003

Beyond Sexual Abuse: Families Can Promote Healing
Spring 2003

ADHD: Knowledge is Power — Winter 2003

Intensive In-Home Treatment for RAD Shows Promise
Winter 2003

ADHD Treatment Options Prove Effective — Fall 2002

Therapy Plays an Important Role in Adoptive Families Lives — Fall 2002

School & Adoption: Navigating IEPs, IDEA, and Special Services — Summer 2002

Allegations Happen: How to Prevent and Survive Them — Spring 2002

Child Welfare Policy

State Department Gets Adoptive Family Preparation Right — Spring 2006

Promote Permanency: Resist the Trend to Restrict LGBT Parenting — Winter 2006

Preserve Subsidy Supports: Protect Children's Best Interest — Winter 2006

Adoptees Deserve Access to Their Birth Records — Fall 2005

Case Highlights Dangers of Banning Gay & Lesbian Adoption — Spring 2002

Reports Spur Changes in Ontario's Child Protection Law — Spring 2000

Orphanage Experiences Play a Key Role in Adopted Romanian Children's Development — Fall 1997

The Misguided Call for Orphanages — Spring 1994

Child Welfare Practice

The Cold Case Project: Digging Deep to Achieve Permanency — Winter 2014

Achieving Permanence for Older Children Remains a Struggle — Fall 2013

Latino Families Are a Valuable Resource for Waiting Children — Summer 2012

Legal Battle Continues for Veronica (Best Practices Protect Children and Parents) — Summer 2013

Race and the Business of Domestic Private Adoption — Fall 2010

Detangling Diagnoses for Foster and Adopted Youth
Spring 2009

What Nebraska's Experience Reveals about Child Welfare and Mental Health — Winter 2009

Residential Family Drug Treatment: One Path to Permanence — Winter 2007

Permanence Can Mean Going Home — Spring 2006

Black Adoption Myths and Realities — Summer 2005

Maine Adoption Guides: Making the Case for Family-Driven Post-Adoption Services — Winter 2005

Families Need the Whole Truth — Spring 2004

Youth Are Never Too Old to Be Adopted — Fall 2003

Denying Access to Black Families Hurts Children — 
Summer 2002

Manitoba Repatriation Program Connects First Nations Adoptees with Their Heritage — Summer 2001

Thoughtful Visitation Practices Prevent Disruption
Spring 2001

Kinship Care Providers: Some Permanency Options
Winter 2001

Post-Adoption Services Work in Many Ways — Winter 2000

Adoptive Families Need Ongoing Support — Fall 1999

APABC: Defining Parent Support in British Columbia
Spring 1999

Oregon Launches Post-Adoption Resource Center — Spring 1999

Sibling Ties Are Worth Preserving — Spring 1999

Recruiting Families

Successful Older Child Adoption: Lessons from the Field — Summer 2010

GLBT Communities & Adoption: Courting an Untapped Resource — Winter 2008

Finding African American Families for Foster Children: Tips for Workers & Agencies Summer 2005

Positive Outcomes: What Workers Can Learn from Successful Teen Adoptions — Spring 2005

Parents Play a Vital Role in Recruitment and Retention
Winter 2005

Teens Can Help Find Families — Fall 2004

How Parents Really Feel about the Adoption Process
Summer 2004

Ethics and Adoptive Family Recruitment — Spring 2004

Recruiting on a Budget — Summer 2003

Repetition and Consistency Are Key in Recruiting Efforts
Fall 2002

Matching Party Connections Can Lead to Placements
Summer 2000

Adoption Love Train Makes Connections: Destination Home — Summer 2002

Funding from the Children's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services from 1998 through early 2002 enabled NACAC to develop Recruiting News, a series of newsletters with recruitment resources. Below you can download a PDF of each issue of Recruiting News. (Since some of these newsletters are several years old, it is possible that contact information listed for authors or other resources may be out of date. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.)

Personal Stories

Adoption = Forever and Always — Summer 2012

Monster's Pardon — Fall 2011

From Fear to Advocacy — Summer 2011

Daddy — Summer 2010

Determination and Support Can Lead Youth in Care to Success — Spring 2010

My Life: From Rage to Reason — Winter 2010

Adoption, Take 2 — Spring 2009

Where I've Been, Where I Am, Where I'm Going — Spring 2008

Taunting Nightmare — Winter 2007

The Value of a CASA — Winter 2006

FASD & Adoption: Two Perspectives —Fall 2004

My Chance to Give Back — Spring 2004

Insight from an Adult Foster Care Survivor — Fall 2003

Lessons I've Learned about Parenting — Summer 2003

Never Give Up Hope — Summer 2002

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