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because every child has the right to a permanent, nurturing, and culturally sensitive family

In North America, tens of thousands of children cannot remain with their birth families. These children—once labeled unadoptable or hard to place—are mostly school-aged. Some are brothers and sisters who must be placed together. Some are drug-exposed or medically fragile. Most have physical, mental, or emotional difficulties. Many are children of color. All need loving families.

Founded in 1974 by adoptive parents, the North American Council on Adoptable Children is committed to meeting the needs of waiting children and the families who adopt them. For more information about NACAC, click on the Services link or download our 2014 annual report. (Click here to download the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, or 2013 report.)

Help Support NACAC's Mission

If you'd like to help support adoptive families and find homes for the thousands of foster children who need a family, please consider making a donation to NACAC. We depend upon public donations to continue our efforts, and you can make a contribution today. You will receive notice of your gift for tax purposes.

“NACAC is an introduction to innovation, progressive thinking, and forward-moving by people who are always looking for ways to do what we do better, faster, and smarter; ...

NACAC is a beacon of hope, a statement of steadfast faith, and a promise of unconditional love for children of all kinds...;

and finally NACAC is a force drawing us
together to keep moving forward until
every child has at least one adult completely committed to them for life.”

— adoptive parent and professional

NACAC's Strategic Direction

Vision (What is different in the world of NACAC’s stakeholders because of NACAC?)

Children and youth who need a family—especially those in foster care and those with special needs—have joined permanent families that are supported by their communities.


NACAC promotes and supports permanent families for children and youth in the U.S. and Canada—especially children and youth who are or have been in foster care and those with special needs.

Core Values

  • Families  Every child and youth should have a permanent, loving family.
  • Racial and Ethnic IdentityChildren must be supported in their right to a strong and positive cultural, racial, and ethnic identity.
  • Empowered ParentsAdoptive parents provide some of the best, most meaningful support to other adoptive families.
  • Empowered YouthYouth who have been in foster care or who were adopted are some of the best advocates for child welfare reform and can provide needed support other children and youth.
  • Inclusivity Children and youth fare best when policies and practices do not prevent the consideration of prospective foster or adoptive parents based on characteristics such as sexual orientation, gender identity, age, race/ethnic background, gender, family size, status, health or disability status, or prior professional relationship with the child or youth.
  • Birth Family Connections Birth families have a right to parent their children if they are safely able to do so. Children and youth have a right to information about and connections with their birth parents and other birth family members, as long as such connections are safe.
  • Connected CommunitiesSupported, informed communities can work together to effectively promote and support permanent families for foster children.
  • Grassroots AdvocacyParents, youth, caregivers, and others personally touched by adoption and foster care are best able to guide efforts to improve child welfare policy and practice.
  • Organizational ExcellenceNACAC is a strong, evolving, and viable learning organization.

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